A Virtual private Network (VPN) substitutes the actual IP address with a proxy, allowing the user to browse anonymously. This has its uses in keeping cyber-criminals, cyber-snoopers, and unmwanted marketers away, circumvent geo-targeting, geo-blocks or ban on many websites and Skype, thwart many other restrictions in place, and more.

VPNTunnel.se, developed by the Sweden based Netalia AB, has been offering VPN packages since 2008.

VPNtunnel.se offers about 10,000 IPs spread across Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, and Russia. The company is on an expansion spree, and as such, servers are being added in other countries.

VPNtunnel.se supports PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, and offers these as separate packages. Both protocols offer anonymous dynamic IP and encrypt all traffic. The OpenVPN protocols has 2048 bit encryption, and the PPTP protocol has 128 bit encryption. OpenVPN offers stronger encryption, but requires a download, and moreover does not normally support tablets and smartrphones.

The Premium package offers both PPTP and OpenVPN, and is compatible with all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also allows connecting both the computer and the smartphone simultaneously. Price-ways, the premium package offers a better deal compared to purchasing PPTP and OpenVPN separately. Here can compare VPN Tunnel with other VPN providers.

All plans offer unlimited download, unlimited P2P torrent file sharing, and unlimited change over of servers.

VPNtunnel.se costs more than many other offering, but the high cost delivers better quality, and some distinct advantages.

VPNtunnel scores for its strong privacy options. Unlike most other VPN providers, VPNtunnel does not maintain any provider logs, making it one of the few truly anonymous VPN providers. This is primarily owning to Sweden’s strict privacy laws.

VPNtunnel.se also scores on having a simple process to get started and log in. The control panel offers a neat and simple interface, allowing users to manage the account easily, without much help from others.