The Best 5 VPN Services for Windows

Searching on the Internet we will find as many as a hundred VPN services making it extremely difficult to choose among them the best 5 to be used for Windows, but the various tests many of them have gone through show that Express VPN, Private Internet Access, VyprVPN, IPVanish and ibVPN cannot be surpassed at the moment.

Express VPN: It not only offers an amazing download speed but also 24/7 customer support and an extremely reliable network that provides hundreds of servers for more than 30 countries. Besides, this amazing software will provide customers unlimited bandwidth, supporting mobile Android or IOS for no extra fee.

Private Internet Access: The highest point of this provider is privacy. In fact, users can get a registration through an anonymous mail, no wonder they say its founder was a privacy advocate. As for its software, it offers a kill switch, DNS protection to leaks and the possibility to choose among more than 500 servers throughout the world.

VyprVPN: They are a VPN that have achieved amazing improvements on their products. The speed is excellent and their webpage and service is fantastic.

IPVanish: Among their many positive qualities are the amazing upload and download speeds and that they will not log any info; they use shared IP’s and provide servers in every country.

IbVPN: This software’s strongest points are the torrent service and that they will not log. Besides, the price is really competitive. It was founded in Romania.  Read more.

But users should also know that Windows has a buit-in VPN client that is really worth exploring because, according to many users, since the implementations that have been applied to it since Vista they have not had the urge to install anything else…