The Best 5 VPN Services for MAC

A Virtual Private Network is technology used to ensure that there is security when someone is using a public network such as the internet. Connected computers are able to share information across each other. However, if this information is not encrypted, security is breached. This is why it is entirely important to have a VPN.

Virtual Private Networks are usually operating system specific. This is mostly due to the fact that these operating systems have specific coding and programming. Therefore, when shopping for the best VPN provider, it is extremely imperative and prudent that the supported operating system is considered. Fortunately, there are numerous VPN service providers for the Mac operating system. If you are looking for a IPhone, IPod ( or IPhone VPN (  , youll find more information on these sites.

Here are 5 of the best in the market today. was started by Privax, a U.S company. It began as a project and eventually became a full product. It has over 57,000 IPs in 62 different countries and a month money-back guarantee. It is mainly popular because there are free services in the package. These include redirecting services, web proxy and uploading services. Go to the HidemyAss download site.

It has been in the market for over 15 years now, making it one of the trusted VPN providers in the world today. IPVanish has 93 servers in 48 countries such as Britain, Denmark and USA. Most users love it due to the 24/7 technical support, making it possible for people in all time zones to contact them at their most convenient time.

ProXPN has secure servers in only 4 countries at the moment. People living in Netherlands, USA, Singapore and Great Britain enjoy their fast and high quality services. To trace illegal activities, it ensures that log-ins and log-outs are recorded.

Switch VPN is said to be one of the VPN providers with a good value for money. The amount paid determines the protocols and server range available to the client.

Invisible browsing has an amazing product, ibVPN. It has 59 servers in 18 countries. Additionally, it stores all connection logs in order to accurately monitor suspicious activity.