The Best 5 VPN Services for Linux

A Virtual Private Network is very essential especially when highly confidential messages are passed within a public network. The encryption services help in preventing third parties from accessing the information.

For example, the internet is a public network. Several companies use it to communicate. However, they need to create their own networks within the internet in order to safeguard their crucial information.

Finding a VPN provider can be both easy and overwhelming. If ample research is not done, getting the best provider is obviously going to be a frustrating task. However, with proper research and consultation, one can land the best VPN provider.

It is important to nevertheless note that the best VPN service might not be the best for a particular company if it does not support the operating system in use. For this reason, it is imperative that operating system compatibility is considered before settling on a VPN service provider.

A good number of VPN service providers have products that are compatible with Linux operating system. 5 of these are rated to be among the best. These are: has been operating since 2008. It is a product of a Swedish company, Netalia AB. The type of service provided depends on the amount paid. The higher you pay the better quality and quantity of services offered. Fortunately, even at the lowest payable amount possible, the service is great!

Strong VPN was started in 1995 and has been in business to date. People rate it to be one of the best due to over 15 years of prowess and experience in this business. Here is the StrongVPN download site.

Switch VPN is one of the newbies in the market today. Started in 2010, it has numerous servers in over 17 countries including Germany and Luxembourg.

Started in 2012, Kepard has 13 servers in 6 different countries. It has 3 main VPN packages, one running for a month, the other for 3 months and the third running for one year.

Since 2004, Surat IT Company Pte Ltd has been providing excellent internet solutions including Sh3lls VPN. It has 13 servers in 5 countries including Netherlands.


Here is a in-depth analysis of the top 15 VPN Providers compared by speed, price, protocols, encryption and more.