Vyper VPN

Vyper VPN is one of the older VPN providers and was launched in 1994, under the Golden Frog Company, since then it has built a strong reputation and customer base. It owns a large amount of servers worldwide, with more than 200,000 IP addresses and is known for its reliable customer service.

Using a different approach to providing VPN service, the company generates all of their own codes, and optimizes them to ensure compatibility and up to date performance with modern broadband connections. Vyper VPN uses protocols such as PPTP, L2TP or IPsec, and OpenVPN, giving clients the freedom to select their own speeds, level of protection and encryption. They offer a free VPN Trial for three days.

Vyper VPN provides clients with the NAT Firewall, ensuring secure and anonymous surfing online, paired with a 128-bit PPTP protocol, and 256-bit encryption if so desired. Although the system provides unlimited bandwidth and server switching, the Golden Frog Company maintains personal details of users including the online logs, enabling backtracking.

Package deals range from $9.99 to $19.00 dollars, with an intermediate of $14.99 in monthly rates, depending on the specific package that that one chooses; there is also a business package of $299 per year for three users. If there are any problems, technological or otherwise, there is live support online to help around the clock.

Also, the Vyper VPN system is available to Android and iOS users,  it offers a IPad VPN App among many others in an easy to use platform. The company has more than 700 servers and is available in more than 200 countries, which include not only Canada, and the United States, but European states, Asia and Oceania.

The company has made itself different from other competitors, as it uniquely owns not only its own codes, and hardware, but servers and network, meaning that there is no third party obligation, thereby providing a higher quality of service, and trustworthy connections.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows a computer to send and receive data from the internet via proxy servers. Therefore, it appears to the sites being visited that the servers are accessing them, rather than the computer connected to the VPN. You can compare Hide my Ass VPN here.

As a specific VPN, Hide My Ass is free and requires just copying and pasting the desired destination URL into the homepage. One can hide one’s browsing activity, secure one’s internet connection and conceal one’s IP address.

Another feature is that Hide My Ass gives the user access to sites such as Hulu.com that can often not be utilised in countries outside the USA. This is done by dispatching requests into a server based in the USA then on to (for example) Hulu.com.

Hide my Ass offers several Clients for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and mobile Platforms. Sure they offer VPN Apps for Iphone and Android Smartphones.

For a subscription fee the option to pick the location of the proxy server the internet connection is routed to is given, as well as a more secure encryption. Encryption is a complex code, which ensures that it is more difficult for hackers to view the VPN activity. These features can be especially useful for people wanting to access nation-secific websites and Hide My Ass has servers in 69 different countries.

Moreover, paranoid users need not worry that they are being spied on online due to the complex encryption of the VPN. Hide My Ass also offers an anonymous email service to be given to websites or people that are suspected of sending spam.

In summary, the Hide My Ass VPN offers internet anonymity and security while browsing. This protects against network spies and hackers by hiding the computer used to reach the online world behind fake ‘proxy’ servers. It also offers a wealth of minor features to increase security and efficacy.