How to Surf Anonymous?

There may be times when one desires to navigate the Internet anonymously. This can greatly aid in downloading movies, music or is helpful for those who simply wish to browse the web without having their IP address tracked. Let us take a look at how this can be accomplished.

The easiest way to surf the Internet without having an IP address registered is by using a virtual private network. Otherwise known as a VPN, this is software that effectively „masks“ a computer’s physical address and location. This is done by routing any information sent or received through a variety of servers that are located in disparate locations. Read more here.

There are many virtual private networks that are free to download, however the most trusted are those which are paid for on a monthly basis. It is important to remember that unverified VPN’s may contain malicious software embedded within and some may even harm an operating system.

Another form of privacy can be found in what are known as anonymous proxy servers. As opposed to virtual private networks, there is no need to download any software and there is no charge. Instead, there are simply web pages that one can navigate to.

The desired address of another website can then be entered in and the web page will automatically relay the request to the intended page without your address being compromised. In some ways, this can be viewed as „piggy backing“ across the web. However, it is always wise to use only the most trusted proxy sites, as some have been known to install spyware and other viruses on computers.

These are two of the most popular means by which one can surf the Internet safely and without their identity being revealed. In an age where privacy issues are a great concern, we can expect such methods to become increasingly popular into the future.