Blacklogic VPN Black Logic Inc. was founded in October 2006 in Toronto, Canada. They manage over 350 servers and provide security consulting in the areas of VPN and IT.

The services of Black Logic are staggered. The packages range from $ 8 / month for unlimited VPN up to $ 200 for a VPN router with one year of service

Black Logic guarantees a persistent server uptime and absolutely safe, anonymous surfing in the Internet. The VPN tunnel encryption offered range from 128 to 2048 bits.

The choice of the operating system on which this service should be used relatively insignificant. It will support access software on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and DD-WRT. You can compare them here with other VPN Services.

Provider logs are not stored, but is illegal to use Black Logic reserves the right, if necessary to pass the data to the appropriate authorities.

Can be paid in the current payment method: credit card, Western Union or Paypal. If the offer does not like, there is a 7 day money-back guarantee.